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Ariënne Van Der Hilst

Let’s build real connections.

Connecting knowledge
Connection is a key word that describes what I am all about. As a kid and as a teenager the most fun thing for me to do was to joyfully share new information I gathered or teach skills that I mastered, like math equations, snowboarding, training team members, you name it. It excites me to connect with people and to share new information and insights.

Connecting as a Designer
When I studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology I was creating product and strategies for companies and consumers. The whole idea is to connect the hidden needs of consumers and to translate that into product and services for multinationals, companies like Philips, BMW or Decathlon.

In order to innovate, a clear strategy for research, product development, marketing and brand building is needed and this can be challenging for both big and small companies. An outside look on these matter is very helpful and that is what I do. I help business owners structure strategies and specifically strategies for their Social Media Campaigns.

Connecting with the World
I love connecting with people all over the world. Our earth is just too fun of a place to stay put in one city or country. I grew up in The Netherlands where everything is structured and organized. In Suriname, South America I learned to embrace and work with people from various cultural backgrounds towards a common goal.

By being in a 7-month meditation course in Uruguay in 2014 with people from all over South America I learned that even though we may have cultural differences our need for connection and belonging is the same and love is truly a force that connects us all.

In 2012 I discovered what it is like working in yet another culture. I prepared and I launched my first Online Campaign in the Bay Area California. Creating this online campaign truly made me excited about the online possibilities of connecting with larger audiences globally.

A lot has changed in the online space over the years, yet the basic strategies and concepts on how to reach your audience and build a successful funnel that drives leads and clients to your business are still the same and we can map that out for your business together.

Connecting with Self
One thing that gives me the greatest joy is connecting with myself. Who am I? Who do I want to be? How do I want to express myself? What aspects of myself do I want to improve? These are some of the lovely questions that came up when I went on my journey of self-discovery.

When working with clients on strategy for their business we often stubble upon similar questions as well. After the business goals are defined, ‘being in business’ is one big self-discovery, a journey of growing into our most authentic self. The better we know ourselves the better we can connect with our team, peers and clients. For Consultants Coaches and (Creative) Entrepreneurs their personal story is part of their branding. The more authentically we can share your story, the easier it is for your ideal client to connect with you and your service.

Connecting with your ideal Client
My passion for connection both on a personal and business level merges together in working 1-on-1 with Consultant, Coaches and (Creative)Entrepreneurs. Together we look at your Personal and Business Vision and connect it to your business model, products and online marketing strategy. Wouldn’t it be great to finally have clear view on how to communicate to your ideal customer and grow your business? People buy from people and businesses that they like and trust. Want to know more on who we can achieve this connection for your business? Let’ talk.

Here are Some Business Owners That Got Help with Their Online Marketing Strategy, And I want to Help You Too!

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